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What we do

A1 Restaurant Equipment is a family-owned company that provides restaurants with the essential equipment they need to make their businesses run. We supply any of the materials and hardware needed for the kitchen to the tables and booths where your customers eat. In addition to the fundamental equipment you restaurant needs, we also provide services to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your business, including specialty decoration, millwork, and beautiful cabinetry.

We are proud to claim 30 years of continued business with Denny’s, being named 2010’s Vendor of the year for Denny’s Development Department. We service restaurants all around the US and have even completed international deals, including high-end dining establishments in the Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico. Being a family-based company with experience in national and international supply, we will be able to help outfit any restaurant with high-quality equipment that will enhance and enrich the dining experience for your restaurant’s customers.

Our Services

A1 Restaurant Equipment is a complete equipment dealer & furnishings manufacturer. We can assist in the design, layout, and installation for all your restaurant needs. We provide you reasonable quotes and can give you accurate estimates based on your furnishing expectations. We guarantee our work to leave you completely satisfied. If there is ever a hiccup or issue with your appliances or other furniture installations, we will work with you until it is completely resolved.

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Our Products

To create the most comfortable environment for both customers and workers, we provide several high-end products for your restaurant, including the following:

Booth Seating – We feature high resilience foam – a highly responsive, support foam that offers maximum comfort when dining – in all of our booths. This is the similar type of foam you might find in yachts or high-end mattresses, but we provide it to restaurants at an economical and practical cost. All of our frames are constructed of finished hardwood.

Furniture – Every restaurant needs tables, chairs, and benches. We will provide your businesses with hardwood furniture, all of which can be customized to your space or individual specifications.

Woodwork, Decorations, and Cabinetry – To improve the visual appeal of your restaurant, we also offer finish carpentry work and other wood decorating services. This includes specialty woodworking or other aesthetic elements that enhance the dining experience

Kitchen Appliances – The appliances we provide are stainless steel for durability and longevity, all of which are supplied through well-established brands and manufacturers.

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Customer Testimonials

I have happily been using A-1 for over 15 years and for many good reasons. They are always organized when they get to a job site. Their jobs are completed on time and there are never any conflicts with their team...

Dawn Lafreeda

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